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Me in my happy place at the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum in Kobe, Japan

My name is Peter and I like making things.

I grew up in a creative family. My mom is an interior designer, oldest brother is a contractor, and middle brother is a photographer. I think creating things is in our blood.

I started building things with Duplos as many of us do, then inherited tubs of LEGOs from my brothers. I moved up to the Mindstorms LEGOs around 10 years old. You could create and program your LEGO creations using a dumbed down ladder-logic software. Around 11 years old, I started going to Radio Shack and getting DC motors and resisters and making my own silly cars and robots.

From there I took a turn towards science. Throughout high school and college, I focused on biology, namely neuroscience. I followed that track to San Diego, where I worked in a lab studying Alzheimer's and Parkinson's at UCSD. While I was there UCSD started a brewing school, which I attended for two years, eventually receiving my certificate in brewing in 2015. I applied to a job at AleSmith that same year and got it. I've been there ever since. making sure you get quality beer.

I'm very lucky to have landed at AleSmith. The owner, Peter Zien, is an avid creator himself. He has a vision for the AleSmith warehouse space to someday be creative hub. He started with an onsite creamery, CheeseSmith. He and his wife Vicky allowed me to start a small workshop in 2019 and I've been growing it ever since. I don't have every tool in my shop, so I'll often go to the San Diego Fine Woodworker's Member Shop right down the road. I'll even catch members of that organization in our tasting room every now and again having a post-woodworking pint.

Thanks for visiting my site and please come by every now and again as I get me shop up and running.

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